Meet my friend Elliott. I blogged about this dude a longggg time ago when I had him over for a pancakes and whiskey dinner. A year and a half later, he’s totally become part of my LA family. His girlfriend, Ramya (FYI: major girl crush material), decided to throw Elliott a surprise party for his 25th. I co-planned because they’re my favorite couple in the world, a because birthdays are my favorite, and because beer/ice cream/sprinkles were very involved.

The party was a week after Elliott’s actual birthday (we were brunching on the real day). We made a build-your-own-beer float bar on my porch for the adults, completely with all of the good ice cream flavors (coffee/chocolate/vanilla), walnuts, coconut, and maraschino cherries. We had some little guests at the party too, and I was completely impressed with their sprinkles-to-ice cream ratio.

We popped a couple pizzas in the oven, opened more beers, and boom! We had a party. I’m completely in love with my porch and my friends, so it made me so super happy to be able to host my first real porch party at my new place.

Cheers to the good things: birthdays, beer with ice cream in it, and the sunniest Sundays I ever did see. Happy birthday, Elliott!