Internet, I have some parties to catch you up on! I’ve been baking cakes and throwing confetti like a mad woman over here, but it’s time I sat down and filled you in on what the heck the DPA is up to. Today I’m going to tell you about my latest pop up, because it was major.

Who remembers my indian summer pop up all the way back in October?! We were crazy enough to do it again, in the same pretty yard in Venice with my chef and friend Mariana Carvallo (check out her awesome menus, here). This time we brunched southern-style, complete with shrimp, grits, fried chicken, waffles, and BISCUITS! I don’t have a favorite because everything was my favorite (check the menu, below!).


I don’t brunch (or do anything, really) without coffee, so it was a big deal to make sure coffee was on point. 3 Coffee LA came in and totally blew us away with their coffee bar set up. They served up both hot and cold coffee (their cold brew is EVERYTHING), plus they even took the time to glass etch some rad jars for each guest to take home. A small secret about myself: I don’t start my day without 3 Coffee in my body. Call it an addiction if you want. I call it happiness.

We were lucky enough to be featured on Eventbrite’s ‘Best Events in LA‘ list, so we had a lot of new faces who had just heard about us on the internet. I think the coolest part of the day was when a group of four people who had just met hung out for a while after and then went to drinks together in Venice. These parties are totally a learn-by-doing situation–they’re all I talk about for weeks leading up (sorry family/friends), the reason I scour flea markets for vintage hankies and sew napkins until 3 AM. Through the hustle it’s easy to forget why I host things like this altogether, but moments like this bring me back. Meeting friends over good food and drinks is a special kind of something, the reason this blog started and continues to exist. The warmest thanks to everyone who attended this brunch, or any of my parties ever. I love you guys!