One of the things I love about the world inside of the internet is the ability to find and connect with super rad, like-minded friends. The latest of those connections, Jen of happened to be a local lady and became my latest brunch co-host. Jen interviews millennial female founders to tell their start up stories. I discovered this fellow LA lady on Instagram, shot her an email, got together for a cocktail, and BAM! A party was born.

The idea behind our party was to bring together a group of inspiring LA ladies to network (and have lots of sparkling wine and giggles) over brunch. The group we invited ranged from founders to managers to designers to engineers, all with one thing in common: they were true lady bosses. The amount of drive, passion, and straight up girl power in the room was

We named our brunch “TOAST,” and hosted in Jen’s pretty Venice backyard. In typical party and carb-loving fashion, we had to make a toast bar. We toasted and topped the tastiest bread (from this awesome bakery) with fun combos like smashed avocado + lime + radish, cashew butter + truffle salt, and herby ricotta + walnuts + honey. We divided and conquered the rest of the meal–I handled the salad and Jen the frittata. She made an egg white frittata in a wok, which is one of the coolest egg tricks I’ve seen. I tried to throw everything colorful into my salad, so I tossed rainbow carrots, edible flowers, vibrant radishes, and crunchy pepitas with a homemade pistachio vinaigrette.

Did I mention that Tatiana from Troubled Ice made a strawberry-fields-forever-esque ice sculpture for housing champagne? How do I meet these bonkers amazing ladies? This brunch was really what it’s all about for me–building community over champagne, success stories, and really tasty breakfast foods.