back when this blog was just a blog (and less of a live event situation), I shared my weekly musings on food/drinks/music/books etc etc and called it the "weekend link party." my brain only has a certain amount of space for party things, and while that's actually a BIG part of my brain, there's lots of other stuff flying around in there. I've decided to bring the weekend link party back as a place to share some of my other brainworks and a way to get to know the girl behind the dinner parties. so, here goes!

currently reading do over (does anyone else have a weak spot for career-related self help books?) and roy choi's memoir/cookbook, LA son

listening to this record and this band and this podcast

have you heard of highbrow? it's a free email subscription that sends you five-minute mini courses every morning on the topics of your choice. this is great for someone like me who likes to lay in bed and scroll through my social media channels before getting up. i've been learning about seo this week!

we've been living on quinoa or rice bowls with lots of beans and veggies. loving this article for tasty new ideas!

I'm starting a little collection of cool glasses for parties. garage vintage and art district antiques have the prettiest things!

do you guys use skillshare? I've been using my three-month free membership for classes on marketing, digital media, and photography.

denver discoveries: this perfectly curated men's shop, the long i pie shop opens TODAY, stowaway has the pretty food of my dreams, I MUST check out this tiki bar asap