Photos by  AMP Imagery  & Issac Gardener

Photos by AMP Imagery & Issac Gardener

Dear Denver,

Thank you for being supportive of those moments when I'm in the shower and decide I HAVE TO HAVE AN BRUNCH CALLED THE TACO SITUATION and then run around like a chicken with its head cut off until it actually happens. Thank you for eating all of the weird breakfast tacos we put in front of your face and for enthusiastically drinking the horchata cocktails (or any boozy drink, really) that we make. Thanks for being really stylish in the photos we take of you and for understanding when I reference Beyoncé on our swag bags. Mostly and truly, though, thank you for welcoming me to your city open arms and eager appetites. I love you.

Love, Megan

P.S. Extra thank yous to all of our partners and sponsors who made this event a thing: Chef Kyle Morgan of Morgan Handmade Rations, The Hive on 16th, El Camino Community Tavern, Kesitas, mixologist Lawrence Mack, Iris Gardener, Issac Gardener, Fork Monkey, Scott Lahn, AMP Imagery, & Pure Lee Photography.